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Manage ‘My Documents’: Delete or Re-Print Documents

NOTE: Document must have been uploaded within the past 6 days

‘My Documents’ on the Wepa website shows uploaded documents within the last 6 days. Manage your documents by deleting or recovering them. Note, any documents uploaded after 6 days will automatically be deleted from ‘My Documents’.

New Members Area on Wepa Website

The members area will be updated to be more user friendly and new features such as cloud source integration and ADA compliant under the WCAG 2.0 AA standard.

How to Print: Upload / Print Methods



Multiple methods are available to print at a wēpa print station. The following post provides information on the different methods of uploading and/or printing documents:

  • Print App: Windows / Mac
  • Email-To-Print
  • Web Upload
  • Cloud Storage
  • Mobile App: Android / iOS
  • USB

Print Station Map / Locator

A Print Station Map / Locator is available on a print station, the website, Android Mobile App, or iOS Mobile App. The following posts shows how to use the print station map / locator on the the following platforms:

  • Print Station
  • Website
  • Android Mobile App
  • iOS Mobile App