4 articles about USB Printing

How to Print: Upload / Print Methods



Multiple methods are available to print at a wēpa print station. The following post provides information on the different methods of uploading and/or printing documents:

  • Print App: Windows / Mac
  • Email-To-Print
  • Web Upload
  • Cloud Storage
  • Mobile App: Android / iOS
  • USB

Documents Not Appearing When Using USB Device at Print Station

Disclaimer: Ensure Proper Access to USB Device is being performed by checking the following Support link before continuing.

If documents do not appear after inserting USB device, the following could be the cause:

  • Documents are not supported by wēpa system. The following documents are supported: Word, Excel, Power Point, PDF, JPG, BMP
  • Documents are encrypted or copy protected. Attempt to move documents to non-encrypted folder or remove the encryption software from USB device.
  • Virus protection software is present on USB device. Remove software to personal computer for future use and try USB device again at wēpa print station.