Manage ‘My Documents’: Delete or Re-Print Documents

NOTE: Document must have been uploaded within the past 6 days

‘My Documents’ on the Wepa website shows uploaded documents within the last 6 days. Manage your documents by deleting or recovering them. Note, any documents uploaded after 6 days will automatically be deleted from ‘My Documents’.

Manage ‘My Documents’ at Wepa Website Tutorial Video

  • The ‘Wepa Code’ column indicates whether the document will be available to print at the wepa print station.
  • A 6 alpha-numeric code indicates the document will appear in your print queue while a ‘Recover File’ link indicates the document will not appear and occurs when it has already been printed.

Re-Print Documents

  • Select the ‘Recover File‘ link to re-print the document again.

Delete Documents

  • To prevent documents from appearing your print queue at the print station, select the box to the left of the Wepa code then ‘Bulk Delete’.

Note, documents will automatically be deleted from ‘My Documents’ on the website after 6 days from the upload date.