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Express-only and Disabled Print Stations

Wepa has added additional print station features to help address concerns on campus related to the novel coronavirus. Wepa print stations can be placed into different modes of operation to help protect the health and safety of students. Contact your Wepa Project Manager to request that stations be placed into different modes of operation.

Express-only Mode

Click here for information about Wepa Express (touchless printing), available now in the Wepa mobile app.

A print station can be placed in Express-only mode. When in this mode, the print station displays a message and QR code on the screen, and it does not react to touchscreen input. Users can release documents by tapping their phone for NFC login or swiping their card for login.

Disabled Mode

A print station can be placed in Disabled mode due to a building closure or similar reason. When in this mode, the print station displays an image and message, but it cannot be used and does not react to any user input. The print station is in a Red status, so students are able to see on the map that the station is not available.

Wepa Express

Updated: August 7, 2020
The new mobile application is available now!

  • Touch-free printing
  • Secure release by another person

Wepa Express allows touch-free document release and secure document release by another person. Wepa Express is available in the Wepa Mobile App.

Get Started

If you don’t already have it, install the Wepa mobile app.

Tap the rocket to select which files to release. Files that you add in the mobile app will already be enabled.

This file is disabled and will not release automatically
This file is enabled and will release automatically

Then, tap the print station in the lower right to log in to a print station, or to give a code to someone else.

Tap the print station to proceed

The Wepa Express summary screen will tell you if you are ready to release, and it will also show a Wepa Code if your documents can be released without a payment card swipe or tap at the print station. You may be prompted to add funds or change your payment method.

Log In

The Wepa Mobile App will tell you the best way to log in to the print station, using NFC (where available) or your campus card. Your documents will print immediately after you log in to the print station. If you need to swipe a card for payment and you do not use it to log in, you will be prompted to present the card, and then the documents will print.

Give someone the Wepa Code

Give the Wepa Code to another person to have them release the documents on your behalf (they won’t have access to your account). When the code is used, a confirmation screen will appear and the documents will print after pressing the Print button. This option is not available if a payment card needs to be presented to release the documents.

Need a reminder? Play the tutorial in the app.


What is Wepa Express?
Wepa Express allows you to set up your document release ahead of time, with payment. From there, you can release the documents at any print station without having to touch the screen, or you can give a secure Wepa Code to another person to have them release the documents on your behalf.

Why should I use Wepa Express?
Wepa Express allows you to print easily without touching the print station screen. With the Wepa Mobile App, you can print files from your phone or from cloud storage sources like Google Drive and OneDrive. Select your files to release and your payment method, and all you have to do is tap your phone or swipe your card to release your documents. It’s the fastest and safest way to print!

What can I do with the Wepa Code?
Right now, the fewer people touching the print station the better. Use the Wepa Code with a staff-assisted pickup service (where available). Faculty can accept Wepa Codes for assignments and release all of the documents for the class. A group of friends can send one person to release documents for the whole group.

What if the print station doesn’t have NFC and I don’t have a login card?
Some Wepa Print Stations do not have NFC to use for login with the mobile app. If you do not have a login card, log in by username and password. After logging in, use the menu option to “Tag” a card of your choice to use for login next time. Then, sanitize your hands.


Wepa Payment Options

Wepa is making changes to payments on June 1, 2019.

Wepa is making it easier and more convenient to pay for printing.
Enter information once to securely store and reuse it for future deposits and payments. Payment methods across all products include credit cards and PayPal accounts.
Mobile devices will also have the convenience of using Venmo and Apple Pay.