22 articles about Printing

Email-To-Print (ETOP)

Quickly and conveniently print files by attaching them to an email, sending them to print@wepanow.com, and picking them up from any print station. The following support post provides more details!


The following support post shows how to use the wepa scanners and upload your scans to a cloud source or print directly at the print station:

Recover Recently Printed Documents at Print Station

Want to re-print documents that you recently printed at the print station and avoid recovering at the wēpa website? Wēpa has released a NEW feature at the print station that will allow you to recover print jobs that have been printed and uploaded in the past 6 days:

Operation could not be completed error 0x0000074 port is unknown unable to install printers when installing Windows Print App

Some Windows 10 computers encounter an error when installing our Windows Print App driver. The issue is related to permissions and prevents the installation of the Wepa printer port.
This message may appear:


Or this message:


To resolve this issue, please install the Wepa printer port manually and then install the Wepa Print App for Windows.

  1. Download the Wepa port installer here: https://wepanow.com/downloads/WEPAPortInstaller.exe
  2. Run WEPAPortInstaller.exe with admin rights
  3. To verify that the Wepa port was installed, open the Control Panel and choose Devices and Printers. Select the Wepa printer.
  4. Choose “Print server properties” at the top and go to the Ports tab
  5. After confirming the presence of WEPAPORT, rerun the Wepa Print App for Windows installer.

Click here for more information about the Wepa Print App for Windows.

Print with wēpa Code at Print Station

wēpa codes are 6 alpha-numeric codes (3 letters and 3 numbers) provided as confirmation a document uploaded successfully. It is a shortcut to print a single print job documents. We recommend swiping campus / tagged card or manually logging into wēpa account to print multiple documents:

Print Webpage

Printing a webpage using the wēpa Print App has sporadically caused blank pages to print. It is recommend to save the webpage as a PDF document to computer, then proceed to upload to avoid the blank pages issue. The following post shows how to save a webpage as a PDF document on the Google Chrome, Android Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox browsers: