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Dedicated wepa Google Cloud Print printer for an institution (GCP Assistant)

wepa institutional customers can own and manage a Google Cloud Print printer that works with wepa.  This allows you to easily make it available to your users and managed devices.


  1. Contact your wepa Project Manager or help@wepanow.com to obtain the wepa Google Cloud Print Assistant.
  2. Use the wepa Google Cloud Print Assistant to create and configure a Google Cloud Print printer for use with wepa.
  3. Provide the output from the Assistant to wepa
  4. wepa will let you know when to test a print with your new printer

Mountain Brook Google Cloud Print

Add the Mountain Brook High School Google Cloud Print Printer to your Google Account for easy printing from Chromebooks, Android 4.4+, and the Chrome browser.


This printer is intended for Mountain Brook High School students only.  If you are not a Mountain Brook High School Student, please go here to add the wēpa Google Cloud Print printer.

Google Cloud Print content type

GCP printers that were created prior to some recent changes by Google need to be set to accept PDF documents.  Please follow these steps to configure the GCP printer that is used by wēpa.