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Print Card Balance

print card print cards are identified by a 7 digit number on the back in the lower right corner (highlighted in red below):

wēpa Print Card Does NOT Work

Sometimes the magnetic strip on the back of a wēpa print card print card can malfunction. Contact wēpa support (1.800.675.7639 / / Chat Below) to provide the wēpa print card print card number located on the back of the print card print card. The funds on the wēpa print card print card will be transferred to your wēpa account and the print card print card can be disprint carded.

wēpa Print Card Availability

Contact campus library and/or campus bookstore to confirm if wēpa print card print cards are available. Not all schools purchase wēpa print card print cards to provide.

Guest and Visitor Printing

Guest and visitor print carding is meant for users that do not have an account set up with wepa. The following support article covers guest and visitor print carding using the following print card methods: Email-To-print card Wepa print card Driver Cloud/USB print card Directly at print card Station Click here for guest/visitor payment options: Payment Methods. Email-To-print card Email is a good […]

Express-only and Disabled Print Stations

Wepa has added additional print card station features to help address concerns on campus related to the novel coronavirus. Wepa print card stations can be placed into different modes of operation to help protect the health and safety of students. Contact your Wepa Project Manager to request that stations be placed into different modes of operation. Express-only […]

Recover Recently Printed Documents at Print Station

Want to re-print card documents that you recently print carded at the print card station and avoid recovering at the wēpa website? Wēpa has released a NEW feature at the print card station that will allow you to recover print card jobs that have been print carded and uploaded in the past 6 days: