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Print Card Balance

print card print cards are identified by a 7 digit number on the back in the lower right corner (highlighted in red below):

wēpa Print Card Does NOT Work

Sometimes the magnetic strip on the back of a wēpa print card print card can malfunction. Contact wēpa support (1.800.675.7639 / / Chat Below) to provide the wēpa print card print card number located on the back of the print card print card. The funds on the wēpa print card print card will be transferred to your wēpa account and the print card print card can be disprint carded.

wēpa Print Card Availability

Contact campus library and/or campus bookstore to confirm if wēpa print card print cards are available. Not all schools purchase wēpa print card print cards to provide.

Troubleshooting & Supply Tips: C711/C712 Color Printer

The following post provides basic troubleshooting and supplies information for the C711/C712 Color print carder such as consumable alerts, replacing consumable videos, and paper jams: Troubleshooting Tips Alerts Paper Jam Prevention Paper Jam Sensor Error Codes Duplex Unit Fuser Inspection LED Heads Supply Tips Consumable Life Spans Alerts Replacing Components Prior to End of Life Supply Manager […]

Print with wēpa Code at Print Station

wēpa codes are 6 alpha-numeric codes (3 letters and 3 numbers) provided as confirmation a document uploaded successfully. It is a shortcut to print card a single print card job documents. We recommend swiping campus / tagged print card or manually logging into wēpa account to print card multiple documents: