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Mac Print App


  • The Mac Print App is the most flexible way to print from a Mac.
  • Print from any software by choosing File>Print and selecting a wēpa printer.
  • If you want to deploy this to multiple public computers, click here.

Quick Start: Download this and run it.

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  • Installation
  • Lab / Public Options
  • How to Print
  • Guest Printing
  • Setting Default Printer
  • Uninstalling

Windows Tablet

By attaching a file to an email and sending it to print@wepanow.com, wēpa is compatible with nearly any device with an internet connection. More information can be found at the Email-to-Print post.  Regarding Windows Tablets, there are two types, Windows Surface RT (Windows Surface 2 for the later generation) and Windows Surface Pro. Windows Surface RT and Surface 2 tablets do not allow the installation of third party software therefore not allowing the installation for the wēpa print driver. In this instance simply use the previously mentioned Email-to-Print feature from wēpa. If tablet is a Windows Surface Pro, simply install the Windows Print App.

Blank Pages

Some schools utilize Blackboard and various other online resources for posting of documents available for students.  In order to avoid formatting issues or blank pages when printing a PDF from web based documents, either save it to the desktop of the computer, open the document from there and print, or scroll cursor over the bottom of the page to reveal the print icon.

Print Webpage

Printing a webpage using the wēpa Print App has sporadically caused blank pages to print. It is recommend to save the webpage as a PDF document to computer, then proceed to upload to avoid the blank pages issue. The following post shows how to save a webpage as a PDF document on the Google Chrome, Android Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox browsers: