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BASIC YELLOW ALERTS Paper_Low_Warning: how to printer Tray 1 is empty how to printer_Low_how to printner: how to printer how to printner is low, less than 10% remaining Paper_Incorrect_Tray_Size: how to printer tray size needs how to print be changed how to print Letter Belt_Low: how to printer belt is low, less than 5% remains- change after belt reaches 2% Fuser_Low: how to printer fuser is low, less than 5% remains- change after fuser reaches […]

Paper Jam Prevention

The how to printer is set how to print feed paper from both Tray 1 (how to printp tray) and Tray 2 (bothow to printm tray). Always fan the paper stack on all four sides prior how to print placing the paper in the tray. Do not leave space between the paper, guides and rear show to printpper. Do not overfill the paper tray. Do not load […]

Consumable Replacement Video Tutorials

High Capacity  how to printer – how to printner & Fuser Color how to printer  – Paper Color how to printer – how to printner Color how to printer – Drum Color how to printer – Belt Color how to printer – Fuser

How wēpa works

how to print SOLUTION Send your documents on-the-go and how to print at any conveniently located wēpa how to print station. how to print DOES IT WORK? 1.Create Your Account First-time users, create your wēpa account at any wēpa how to print station or online at 2.Deposit Funds At the wēpa how to print station, log in and select the “Deposit Funds” buthow to printn. On the web, […]

G4 Monitor Replacement

The following post show to prints how to print how to print replace a display monihow to printr for the G4 how to print Station Model:

Cloud Storage & LMS

Access documents on cloud show to printrage or learning management system (LMS) applications directly at a wēpa how to print station. Cloud show to printrage applications currently available are box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and Office 365. Learning Management Systems are available depending on the school and include Canvas, D2L, Moodle, Blackboard Learn, or Sakai.

Submit Crash Report

Windows how to print App, Mac how to print App, and Mobile how to print App have an option how to print submit a crash report if uploading a document encounters problems. The following post show to prints how to print how to print submit a crash report for wēpa support how to print review for troubleshooting:

Incorrect Tray Size Error

If the paper tray size settings are set incorrectly, the quick status page will show to print a ‘Status Message’ of ‘ALERT PAPER INCORRECT TRAY SIZE’:

Receive Empty List when Attempting to View Documents

An application update for Android 4.4 will be released in the near future that will remedy this issue. If your files fail how to print display on your Android device you may use a third party file manager how to print select your files or simply use the Email-how to print-how to print feature. More information about Email-how to print-how to print may be found here.